Popularity of Sayama tea
Popularity of Sayama tea

海外でも多くの評価をいただいております。当社は「2018年フランス・パリの日本茶コンクールC’est bon le Japon銀賞」、「2019年フランス・パリの日本茶コンクールJapanese TEA selection PARIS銅賞」を受賞しております。

It has received high popularity even in overseas.We received the “C’est bon le Japon Silver Award” in 2018 and the “Japanese TEA selection PARIS Bronze Award” in 2019 at the Japanese Tea Competition in Paris, France.



2018年フランス・パリの日本茶コンクールC’est bon le Japon銀賞受賞

巾着入り狭山茶「霞川 極上ほうじ茶」

2019年フランス・パリの日本茶コンクールJapanese TEA selection PARIS銅賞受賞


Special Sayama tea sencha “Kasumigawa” in a paulownia box

Silver Award at C ‘Est Bon Le Japon, a Japanese tea Competition in Paris, France in 2018

Sayama tea with drawstring purse “Kasagawa finest Hoji tea”

Bronze award at Japanese TEA selection PARIS, a Japanese tea Competition in Paris, France in 2019




※GFSI(Global Food Safety Initiative:世界食品安全イニシアティブ)は、世界中の消費者に安全な食品を届ける上で、確かな信頼を築くため食品安全マネジメントシステムの継続的改善を図ることを目的に、世界的に展開する食品関連企業・団体が参加する非営利団体です。主な活動の一つに、食品安全認証プログラムの承認があります。


Obtaining ASIA GAP【Certified agricultural products and items】Tea: green tea (fresh leaves, unrefined tea)

ASIA GAP is a GAP certification system approved by GFSI *.
Like JGAP agricultural products, ASIA GAP also includes elements of food safety, environmental protection, labor safety, human rights and welfare, and farm management.
We have been certified in 2019 and are continuously renewing.

* GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) aims to continuously improve the food safety management system in order to build solid trust in delivering safe food to consumers around the world. It is a non-profit organization in which food-related companies and organizations that are expanding worldwide participate.
One of the main activities is the approval of the food safety certification program.



FDA(Food and Drug Administrationの略)はアメリカ食品医薬品局で、日本の厚生労働省にあたる公的機関です。弊社は2017年に取得しており、アメリカ在住の方へ日本の味をすぐにお届けいたします。


Obtaining the FDA

FDA stands for the US Food and Drug Administration, a public institution that corresponds to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.
Having obtained the FDA in 2017, our company could smoothly export and deliver true Japanese taste to US Residents.





Certified as a “regional future leader” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

“Regional Future Leader” is certified by The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a main player, or a main player to be, in the regional value chain, It must have large influence in the regional economy and potential power to grow, considering the range of its business, employment, and sales volume.